June Event: Skeppist Fallacies: Myths and Misconceptions about Beekeeping

Canberra Skeptics proudly presents:

Skeppist Fallacies: Myths and Misconceptions about Beekeeping

Date: Thursday, 13 June 2019

Time: 6:00 to 7:30pm

Speaker: Frank Derwent

Venue: Room 2, Belconnen Community Service, 26 Chandler Street, Belconnen ACT 2615

Cost: Free

Successful bee management requires the skilful application of knowledge and practices that will fully utilise the productive capacity of the honey-bee colony. The basic requirement for productive bee colony management are always large reserves of pollen and honey, and the space for those reserves, brood rearing and the storage of surplus honey. Young productive queens from good stock are essential. This queen should be supported by a large population dependent on the time of the year.

All commercial beekeepers utilise this. A commercial beekeeper employing migratory beekeeping practices will nearly always have a significantly greater yield per hive. However, by utilising good beekeeping practice, the average amateur beekeeper will produce a respectable amount of honey from healthy bees, which do not upset your neighbours.

What Frank Derwent found in the amateur bee club was that for various explanations, this practice was not followed by a significant number of members. These beekeepers or bee owners follow practices that are based on a belief system of hearsay and poor beekeeping practice. Frank Derwent intend to go through the most common of these beliefs with an explanation of how it came about and an explanation of how it is wrong.

Frank Derwent started beekeeping 4 ½ years ago (October 2014). He joined the local club (Beekeepers Association of ACT) and have been lucky enough to be involved with knowledgeable beekeepers and club activities that has allowed him to become a competent beekeeper. When Frank is not playing with his bees, he is a mechanical engineer working for the Department of Defence.

Dinner will follow the lecture (venue TBC). To RSVP for the dinner please email canberraskeptics@gmail.com

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