November Event: Effective Altruism

Canberra Skeptics proudly presents:

Effective Altruism: How to do the most good

Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Time: 6:00 to 7:30pm

Speaker: Nick Anyos and Huon Porteous

Venue: Room 2, Belconnen Community Service, 26 Chandler Street, Belconnen ACT 2616

Cost: Free

Effective altruism is a philosophy and social movement that uses evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to benefit others. Effective altruism encourages individuals to consider all causes and actions and to act in a way that brings about the greatest positive impact, based upon their values. This talk will introduce the core motivations behind EA, key concepts such as cause neutrality and counterfactual reasoning, and present an overview of that interventions and causes that many effective altruists think are the most important to work on.

Nick Anyos and Huon Porteous are members of the Effective Altruism Student Society at ANU. They both study math and computer science and hope to use their careers to improve the world as much as possible.

Dinner will follow the lecture (venue TBC). To RSVP for the dinner, please email

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