November Event: Resourcing Resilience with Prof. John Blaxland

Fellow skeptics,

It is so delightful to see that the restrictions that we have endured for so long have eased to a great deal and I hope you have all had a chance to enjoy these restored liberties!

The details of the November talk are as follows. Due to the venue limitations, we will be conducting this event via Zoom

Resourcing Resilience: A Proposed Australian Universal Scheme for National and Community Service (AUSNACS)
Date: Thursday, 18 November 2021
Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Speaker: Prof.  John Blaxland
Please register via Zoom.

The next Skeptics in the Pub will be help at 1:00pm on 28 November at King O’Malley’s Irish Pub. Full details can be found on the Meetup page –

Prior to the SiTP, there will be a committee meeting. One of the main topics for the meeting will be organising the Australian Skeptics National Convention 2022. If you are interested in assisting us with the Convention, please let us know on so you can attend the Committee meeting. Organising a Convention is a lot of work, but very worth it. The 2022 Convention needs to be something special as it will be the first in-person Convention since 2019.

As always, if you have not done so, please renew your membership fees. It is your membership fees is what helps make Canberra Skeptics’ events possible –

Stay skeptical,

Kevin Davies
President – Canberra Skeptics’

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